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We currently have partnerships with 700+ companies ranging from high growth startups to large MNCs. However, owing to our relentless pursuit, this number keeps increasing as we have been constantly expanding our network of hiring partners.

Once you clear the Foundation Track you will earn a certificate of completion. Post that you will be eligible to participate in our placement drive called MadlyX.

At Simplimadly, we have the same number of students who are interested in learning Data Science and Web Development but don't have any technical background. They want to start a job in these fields from scratch. So, our programme is made so that it can answer the questions of both people who don't know much about the subject and people who do. Don't wait to start learning; you'll be taught everything from basic high school ideas to more complex ones. When you're done with the programme, you'll know enough to do well in interviews, and you'll also have worked on a lot of projects that you can put on your resume.

Your job location is solely based on the opportunities available with our hiring partners. We do not commit anything with respect to a preferential job location.

Yes, we believe in making a long-term relationship with our students. We will help you in switching jobs through our strong alumni network.

The students are required to sign the ISA once they have completed their learning, earned the course completion certificate and have opted for the assured career services through MadlyX.