Welcome to Simplimadly

Our flagship product is an AI tool that submits your CV to over 1,000 companies simultaneously. This tool uses sophisticated algorithms to match your skills and experience with the most suitable job openings, maximizing your chances of getting hired.

AI-Powered CV Submission

At Simplimadly, we understand that the job market can be incredibly competitive and time-consuming. That's why we've developed an innovative AI-powered CV submission system designed to give job seekers a significant advantage and streamline the hiring process for employers.

How It Works

Our AI-powered CV submission system is part of our commitment to revolutionizing the hiring process. By combining the power of advanced AI with our expertise in recruitment, we provide both job seekers and employers with a seamless, efficient, and effective solution to meet their needs.
  • Efficient and Swift

    Our AI-powered system can submit your CV to over 1,000 companies within just minutes. This means you can reach a vast number of potential employers quickly, maximizing your chances of landing an interview.
  • Targeted Matching

    The AI algorithm meticulously analyzes your CV, matching your skills, experience, and qualifications with the requirements of various job postings. This ensures that your CV reaches the most relevant employers who are actively looking for candidates like you.
  • Personalized Recommendations

    Based on your profile, our AI provides personalized job recommendations, highlighting opportunities that best match your career goals and aspirations. This saves you time from sifting through countless job listings.

Recently Hired Candidates

At Simplimadly, we take immense pride in helping talented individuals find their dream jobs in top companies. Here are some of our recently hired candidates who have successfully transitioned into new roles through our AI-powered recruitment platform:
  • Ankit R. | Uber

    Ankit R. | Uber

    Innovative and results-driven Software Engineer at Uber with…

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  • Mansi V. | Uber

    Mansi V. | Uber

    Passionate and detail-oriented Data Scientist with a proven…

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  • Mayank A. | Uber

    Mayank A. | Uber

    I am dedicated to driving success and continuous…

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  • Sonali P. | Adobe

    Sonali P. | Adobe

    With extensive experience in statistical analysis, machine learning,…

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